WP Builds podcast – Episode 18 – What’s so great about WordCamp?

Nathan WrigleyWP Builds podcast

What's so great about WordCamp?

In what can only be described as a bizarre coincidence today is “World day of making a podcast about WordCamps”

Even more freakily (is that really a word?) we have both just recently attended our first WordCamps. I know, you’re right – it’s almost unbelievable!

Okay hands up, we may just be feeling a little smug to be one of the initiated. But, for us, it was a big step. Neither of us are the sort of people to go to these events. Now, it seems, we most definitely are!

In this episode we compare our different experiences. Nathan was in London, England. David was in Udaipur, India.

We talk about the benefits of connecting with peers and stepping away from the computer. We talk about our fears of fitting in and how we now feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

We don’t need to sell WordCamp do we? Even if you just go for the copious swag and free food you are onto a winner. We look forward to meeting you at another very soon…

Oh yes there is a lot of news in this one.


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