5 reasons why Drupal 8 is great CMS for your next web site project

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Drupal 8 is really looking good. There are so may reasons as a web developer that I think Drupal is the right choice. It’s not always, but it often is.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you might want to pick Drupal 8 as your CMS of choice for your next project.

The admin area

It’s received so many needed improvements since Drupal 7. It’s now responsive meaning that you can meaningfully edit your content on a mobile device in a push. The workflow of just about every area that matters has been re-thought to make it more easy. There are fewer clicks to create and edit content and this time saving is going to be a real benefit for anyone that updates and creates new content in Drupal frequently.

Theming and core

We’ve now got a proper PHP object oriented framework in the shape of Symphony. This means that things are less confined to the way that Drupal does things and more easily understood by the wider PHP developer community. This is compounded with the Twig template system which pulls the PHP from the theme templates, meaning that sites are going to be easier and more secure to template and theme.

Extra modules included in core

In the previous iterations of Drupal, the CMS does very little out of the box. You had to know that you needed Views, Chaos Tools and a WYSIWYG text editor AND then be able to download them and get them working. Now, Drupal core includes Views, CKEditor and Entity Reference. This is huge and will get your site doing meaningful things much more quickly.


Drupal has always had a reputation for being a little bloated; for creating quite verbose HTML. That’s now changed. It’s now leaner and cleaner. It provides support for audio and video content with the correct markup.


Although I don’t really use the multilingual capabilities of Drupal, I certainly know that, in the past, it’s been hard to implement. That’s all about to change. Now, Drupal is able to create multilingual sites much more quickly! With a completely new language system, you should be up and running in no time.

I’m finding more reasons to like Drupal 8 as each week goes by. If you’ve used Drupal 8 and have some further ideas as to why you like it / dislike it, then please let me know in the comments below.